Towersey Morris

Towersey Morris & The MPS Society

In November 1993 Towersey Morris men welcomed a 12 year old lad called Matthew into their side as an Honorary Member. Sadly he died one month after his thirteenth birthday.

Mathew had suffered all his life from a genetic disease called Mucopolysaccharidosis, or MPS for short. People with this disease cannot produce certain enzymes necessary for the correct chemical changes to take place in their bodies. The majority of those suffering from this cruel disease die in childhood.

There is no known cure.

The Society for MPS Diseases (MPS) raises funds to support research into treatment and provides assistance to parents and families of MPS children. There is an annual conference which serves as a forum for both professionals in the MPS field and as a get-together for the families of sufferers. In September 1998 Towersey Morris danced at the conference in front of a very appreciative audience. MPS children, including those in wheelchairs, joined in!.

Since 1991, we have donated to the Society for MPS Diseases nearly six thousand pounds. The Society is a registered charity and more information can be obtained from its office at MPS House, Repton Place, White Lion Road, AMERSHAM, Bucks. HP7 9LP (Tel. 01494 434 156).