Towersey Morris

Towersey Morris & The Multiple Sclerosis Trust

Multiple Sclerosis is a progressive disease of the nervous system caused by a deterioration of the myelin that surrounds the nerves in the body. This causes the messages from the brain to the limbs and organs to become jumbled and consequently the correct instruction does not arrive at the appropriate part of the body. In laymanís terms, it is best described as a break down of the insulation of the cables distributing electricity around a house, which would lead to short circuits and accompanying chaos.

The MS Trust , the second charity that we support, is a leading UK charity for people with MS, their families and health and social care professionals.

The aims of the Trust are to provide positive and constructive information about MS, education and support for specialist nurses and other professionals and to fund research into treatments for the condition.

Registered Charity No 1088353 09/01